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AmeriResource offers a simple and practical solution for all your personnel related needs - a single support organization that fully integrates its services under one corporate umbrella.  Our services can be implemented individually, concurrently or as part of an ongoing continuum that grows with your business.  This flexibility can help you stay competitive in today's marketplace, while ensuring the future success of your business.

Temp To Hire
Contract To Hire

Through the Temp To Hire and Contract To Hire programs, the client agrees to pay an established hourly or weekly bill rate for any individual recruited, hired and placed at the client location. The client provides the job requirements and the desired compensation package along with the specific job functions. Once the individual has provided a set number of hours (our standards are 480 for Temp To Hire and 1,000 for Contract To Hire) of continuous service to the client while on AmeriResource's payroll, the client, at its own option, may hire the employee directly without penalty or placement fees. this program provides our clients the opportunity to evaluate potential employees before establishing an employment relationship or providing company paid benefits.

Executive & Technical Recruiting
Candidate & Resume Screening

These programs are available for a set fee through our professional and executive search division, AmeriSearch. We take a highly professional approach to conducting a job search for our clients. First, we listen to our client's needs and research the client's work environment. Next, we utilize our extensive recruiting resources to identify qualified candidates. Our resources include: our own proprietary database, direct recruiting through known sources, a nationwide network of professional recruiters, our own website, newspapers and internet recruiting. Finally, we conduct a thorough reference and background verification process before submitting the candidate to the client.

Project Staffing
On-Premise Staffing

The project staffing concept has been developed to offer employers specialized personnel on a project basis including, but not limited to, executive, technical, licensed tradesmen, and other licensed professionals.   Through our On-Premise Staffing Program, we become a total solutions provider for an employer's flexible workforce.  We custom design each program around the employer's staffing requirements and as needed, provide an on-site HR Specialists to handle the day to day operations of managing a flexible workforce.

Safety Consultation
Workers' Compensation Management

We can help your company develop a risk management program that will provide your employees a work environment that is safe, productive and cost efficient for your company. Our risk management services are designed to minimize unwanted risk by providing risk management consulting which may include, but is not limited to: assisting with standard job specifications, establishing safe hiring practices, being proactive with regulatory compliance issues, assisting with workers' compensation claim management, training and more.

Payroll Processing
Tax Pay Funding
Tax Preparation & Filing

In today's complex business world, payroll processing is not as simple as cutting a payroll check. AmeriChex, the Contract Payroll Division of AmeriResource, offers payroll management services to all size businesses in all 50 states. We incorporate payroll processing, benefits and human resource information to provide a comprehensive package. We utilize several affiliated vendors, as well as, our own internal systems and experienced staff to reduce the liability and risk associated with payroll and human resource functions.

Silent Partner
Front & Back Office Support
Insurance Products & Services

The Silent Partner is the Administrative Service Organization (ASO) Division of AmeriResource. Through this program, we custom design a front and back office support for the employment related functions of your company. When purchasing these services through the Silent Partner program, you gain our knowledge and expertise along with the purchasing power of a large corporation. Some of the most popular features of this program are: payroll management, HR Manager, HR On-call, risk management, evaluation hiring, contract staffing service, candidate pre-screening service, direct hire recruiting and insurance services.

PRN Staffing
Executive Consultants

This program has been developed to offer employers specialized personnel on a project or temporary basis including, but not limited to, executive, technical, and administrative personnel, licensed trades and skilled and non-skilled labor, on an as needed basis. It allows the client the opportunity to augment its staff with pre-screened qualified personnel for special needs, without the risk of hiring them on a permanent basis.

Individual & Corporate
Career Counseling

This program has been developed to provide displaced employees the necessary tools in today's complex hiring process to obtain an exciting new position. Services include: counseling, resume development, interviewing skills development and access to our database of open positions.

Staff Management
(Professional Employer Organization - PEO)

AmeriStaff is the licensed PEO Division of AmeriResource. When you enter into an agreement with AmeriStaff, a co-employment relationship is established, whereby we share the traditional responsibilities of an employer with you. However, you maintain control over the day-t0-day operations of your business. Because AmeriResource has hundreds of employees, we can offer big discounts on "Fortune 500" benefits, including medical, dental, vision, life insurance, banking services and more! By tying the employees in with a much larger group, we are able to spread out your risks and control problem areas that would normally devastate a smaller company. In other words, you gain a complete HR department, a benefits planner and administrator, a payroll service, a loss control consultant, a human resource manager, and a recruiting service. With Staff Management, everyone wins! You get reduced costs, greater administrative efficiency and increased productivity, and more importantly, the employees gain much better benefits!

Personnel Administration
HR Manager & HR On-Call

The HR Manager is the Human Resource Consulting Division of AmeriResource. When an employer subscribes to HR Manager, it gains access to a complete Human Resource Department with experience and expertise usually only found in major corporation, at a fraction of the cost. We can custom design a human resource program from the ground up or modify the basic HR Manager program to meet the Client's needs. The basic program includes assistance in the following areas: human resource compliance, employment policies, employment benefit management, workers' compensation management, pre-employment screening, job description development, recruiting and retention, employment law training and HR On-Call.


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