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For many companies obtaining resumes of potentially qualified candidates is not a problem.  Determining the true technical qualifications of the applicants however, is a challenge.

AmeriResource rises to the challenge every time.  Some of the benefits our clients receive when they partner with us are:

AmeriResource is committed to a long-term relationship.  We will do what it takes to make you happy.  That includes an honest initial assessment of our probability of satisfying your search in a timely manner.  We have extensive recruiting experience with a proven placement process that provides consistency time after time.  We offer a very high probability of success per interview.  If you don't make an offer to one out of every two candidates you interview, we won't be satisfied.  And because our fees are contingent upon placing an employee with you, you have no risk or obligation until the employee begins work for you.

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AmeriResource thoroughly screens each candidate through an application and interview process that has been developed and refined over the years.  We offer the option of including steps such as reference checks, drug screens, background checks and credit checks to ensure you are receiving the highest quality candidates.  We conduct an extensive interview to determine the candidate's suitability for your position. In addition to past experience and technical skills, we also discuss topics such as geographic interest, relocation requirements, work permission status, travel interest, availability and special benefit or compensation requirements.  This screening process enables us to reduce the amount of time you must spend on the candidate search.  Only after we have thoroughly screened candidates will we submit resumes to you.  You have the option of personally interviewing or simply selecting from the resumes we provide.

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If you choose to personally interview candidates, we offer the option of using interview space in our office if it is more convenient for you.  We will schedule interviews according to your requests at our office or yours. Once you select a candidate, we negotiate the salary making sure it is within the reasonable guidelines you outline.

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AmeriResource assigns an Account Manager for each client.  This person will be personally responsible for overseeing all aspects of your experience with us.  This single point of contact at our firm ensures a personal level of service and a more thorough understanding of your needs.  We pride ourselves on providing quality service through hard work, honesty and integrity. 

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Saving you time is our business!


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